Mindwork, as its name suggests, aims at providing creative solutions to serve customers’ needs. Stemming from long experience, 27 years, in the business of healthcare products and services, we strive for innovative solutions. In an era of reforms in Greece, that is what is most needed to push you forward.

Lina Nikolopoulou

Managing Director

Who we are

Mindwork is active in the fields of communication and consultancy services, for companies and agencies that specialise in Health. We cover a wide range of services, such as:

event & conference organisation

integrated communication campaigns

design, setup and editing of scientific publications

consultancy services

marketing, advertisement & promotion

public relations & media management

market research

To ensure the best possible result, the company musters:
strategic thinking
excellent organisation
suitable infrastructure networks
state-of-the-art technology
creativity & innovative ideas
vast experience & know-how

How we think & work

In Mindwork, we recognise that our commitment to quality and our comprehensive approach are the key to our success. Our services offer our clients significant added value and cover all aspects of their areas of interest; therefore, we aim at providing them with the necessary support to satisfy all their needs and exceed their expectations. All our projects comprise the following steps:


We would be glad to meet with you and your associates and talk about our business. Contact us to arrange a meeting.


Our team

Mindwork employs experienced, specialised and highly skilled people, distinguished by their creativity and teamwork mentality.

At Mindwork, high quality is every employee’s philosophy and responsibility.

Our people invest in their constant edification and they strive for progress, so as to always succeed in conquering new challenges. In order to realise projects that span a wide range of activities, our project managers are complemented by experts and specialists.


JULY 2008

1 employeeIn July MINDWORK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Consulting Services Ltd. is founded to provide services in the health industry in the areas of marketing, advertising, public relations & communication, organisation of conferences, events and exhibitions as well as publishing of scientific books and journals. One employee and a few consultants are the human resources. Four medical journals start in that year.


1 exhibition, 3 citiesThe first major event to assist a public awareness campaign on the debilitating disease rheumatoid arthritis. Photographic exhibition on rheumatoid arthritis entitled “Reaching extremities, Photographic notes on rheumatoid arthritis”, in collaboration with the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki and sponsored by Roche (Hellas). With a combination of events through art, the most important messages about the disease and its impact were communicated. Three famous Greek photographers tried to depict everyday lives of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, in order to inform the public on this disease. The exhibition was set-up in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa, together with parallel scientific meetings. Mindwork proved its ability to build innovative solutions and its capacity to manage complex projects. By the end of the year two more employees and a few more consultants were added.


500 international participantsMindwork organises its first international conference, the 14th International Conference on Harmful Algae with the scientific support of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research in Crete with more than 500 participants from around the globe. 


228 medical connections

Mindwork sets of with its first National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) co-funded large-scale multi-channel communication programme for the National Action Plan for Cancer 2011-2015 – a PanHellenic public awareness campaign for the prevention of 5 types of cancer (Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention). For this project only, within 18 months, Mindwork collaborated with 16 medical associations, 22 patient associations, 180 medical centres, 10 hospitals and their related municipalities. Seven employees by the end of the year and a large pool of expert consultants joined Mindwork.


8th annual congressMindwork with special interest in health policy and health economics broadens its scope, provides relevant consulting services and organises its most distinguished annual event, the 8th PanHellenic Congress on Management, Economics and Health Policy – Economy and Health in crisis: Deadlocks and Excesses.


opening new markets The Company broadens its activities employing digital services and market research. Mindview is founded, while Mindwork offices moved to new premises. The key people forming Mindwork are now 10.


one European & one world congressMindwork organizes the top European Forum on e-Health, within the framework of the Hellenic Presidency of the EU, and the International Healthy Cities Conference of the World Health Organisation.


the first European contract Mindwork becomes a European company and earns a contract with FRONTEX, to organize all its events in Europe and the world except for Poland.