10th Panhellenic Conference

In December 2014, Mindwork organised for the third time in a row, the Conference of the Economics Division of the National School of Public Health (NSPH).

A by now well-established meeting point for Health Economics specialists, representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, physicians, social partners and public sector staff, the NSPH Panhellenic Conference gave the opportunity to government, opposition and other politicians to take the floor and engage in constructive dialogue on the recent developments in the field of Health policies.

The Conference in numbers

6pre-conference seminars
3daily newsletters

Organised by: The National School of Public Health

When:December 18-20, 2014

Services: Project management, Support, Promotion, Sponsors & Exhibition

Added value services:

  • pre-conference tutorials
  • creation and support of a fully dynamic and constantly updated webpage
  • daily e-newsletter throughout the conference
  • livestreaming & webcasting
  • scanner-barcoding mobile/ tablet app
  • market research (with an option for on-line participation, using the WEB-QUEST e-platform)
  • multimedia gallery

The Mindwork factor

Mindwork, always true to its commitment to providing high-quality services, ensured once more that the result would be excellent in terms of organisation, technical support and aesthetical approach. Setting the bar even higher, as compared to the two previous events (in 2012 and 2013):

  • we upgraded the electronic communication media, by creating a flexible and constantly updated webpage, a daily e-newsletter and an interactive mobile/ tablet application for submitting questions to the speakers;
  • we conducted, on behalf of the NSPH, a research by recording the participants’ views on key issues raised during the Conference. The participants were queried both in the Conference venue and via the event webpage. The research was organised and implemented by Mindview.


  • Client: Τhe National School of Public Health, Department of Health Economics
  • Date: December, 2014
  • Services: congress, conference, event, project management communication, website, social events, entertainment, official dinners, exhibition, newsletter, press office, secretariat
  • URL: http://2014.healthpolicycongress.gr