Managed Entry Agreements (or risk-sharing agreements) represent a major trend in health policy that needs to be communicated to public officials & regulatory body representatives, healthcare providers, pharma executives. This 30-speaker, one-day meeting which brought together approximately 200 participants, attempted to define a framework for MEA implementation in Greece; to present best practices applied worldwide; and discuss how innovative reimbursement patterns may result in cost efficiency in healthcare.

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Under the auspices of The National School of Public Health

Scientific Support:

  • Hellenic Society for Healthcare Services Management
  • Hellenic Society for Pharmacoeconomics

When: 8 July 2015

Where: NSPH Theatre – Athens

Services: Project management, Support, Promotion, Sponsorships

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  • creation and support of a fully dynamic webpage
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The Mindwork factor

Mindwork organised —under the auspices of the National School of Public Health— a meeting on innovative methods & practices facilitating the dissemination of knowledge & the exchange of views between stakeholders; also giving the opportunity for making proposals for the establishment of a national HTA organisation, which is a prerequisite for MEAs implementation.

Ensuring the participation of high-ranking officials (the Minister of Health, Sec. Gen. of Public Health, President of the National Organisation for Medicines, Director at the eGovernance for Social Security (IDIKA), et al.), chairs of Medical Societies, academics, and senior pharma executives, we set the scene for a high-level debate in health economics.

We coordinated the agenda and invited patient associations and scientific society representatives to the afternoon session, to discuss the utilisation of risk-sharing agreements in 4 critical treatment fields (neoplasms, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, & rare diseases).



  • Client: The Hellenic Scientific Society of Health Economics & Health Policy
  • Date: July, 2015
  • Services: Project management, Support, Promotion, Sponsorships