Forum for Economics & Health Policy

Since 1995 the Forum for Economics & Health Policy has been a ‘think-tank’ & a meeting point for politicians, academics, scientists and health technology experts, as well as biomedical and pharmaceutical technology executives, and healthcare services officials aiming to contribute both to the progress and dissemination of scientific knowledge on health policies, and to a better healthcare system. The first Forum Cycle (1995-2003) comprised a series of 15 scientific closed meetings in several cities of Greece and Cyprus; as a result, 10 collective editions on were published and are being used as manuals or reference material on health economics and health policy. The second Cycle is in progress, since it was launched in 2008; meetings are dedicated to high-priority national healthcare policy issues in relation to the financial crisis of these past years and the latter’s repercussions on health, and healthcare services in Greece. Mindwork is the organiser of the 2nd Cycle meetings.

The Forum’s 2nd Cycle in numbers

15cities throughout Greece

Organising entities

  • Hellenic Scientific Society of Health Economics and Health Policy (EEEOPY)
  • Hellenic Society for Healthcare Services Management
  • Hellenic Society for Pharmacoeconomics

When: 2 long-weekend meetings per year (Spring & Autumn)

Where: all over Greece, except Athens

Added value services:

  • creation and support of a fully dynamic website updated on every Forum; archive of past Fora; multiple user-friendly databases of speakers, presentations and meetings
  • video recording of meetings, uploading and posting on the website
  • social events held during the meetings

The Mindwork factor

Mindwork’s solid project management through the 2nd Cycle Forum, since 2009, creates an ideal background for regular meetings to take place between experts in health policy, academics, tech and medical scientists, executives of pharma & biomedical industry, but also central officials of healthcare services providers and government so as to keep the debate going.

Mindwork has been providing support on various levels since 2009:

  • all the arrangements for the accommodation, transfer, venue for the meetings, and audio-visual equipment.
  • creation of a user-friendly website for the Forum announcements, programmes & presentations (2010-2015);
  • responding to the latest needs for a more dynamic and updated website, Mindwork developed the new “” website in 2015, to serve as a “knowledge base”; a different platform was used, but also a new look-and-feel was introduced, along with numerous additional functionalities.
  • Date: May, 2017
  • Services: project management; event organising; website construction & maintenance
  • URL: