National Communication Campaign on Cancer Prevention

During the 2011-2015 period, a wide-scope Cancer Prevention campaign was launched, aimed at:

  • Informing and raising awareness both with the general population and high-risk groups on the prevention of cancer and related risk factors; also on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and changing bad habits or attitudes.
  • Informing and raising public awareness on the existing services and programmes for the prevention and treatment of cancer within the National Health System of Greece.

The Mindwork factor

In addition to its comprehensive communication undertaking using the campaign’s website, leaflets, a newspaper, as well as advertising and promotional events for the Programme, Mindwork:

  • furthered networking between the Ministry of Health and all interested entities that also provided support to the programme: 128 Health Centres and 18 hospitals; 150 Municipalities; 25 NGOs and 5 patient associations specialising in cancer; 16 scientific medical societies;
  • planned, organised and ran a large ‘roadshow’ across Greece. More specifically, from October 10th until December 10th, 2011:
    • 3 mobile units visited 140 Health Centres to raise awareness, distribute brochures and other material, as well as inform women on cancer prevention;
    • 22 scientific events for the public were held.

The public awareness campaign included:

  • Leaflets on 5 types of cancer (breast, skin, cervical, colorectal, prostate) drafted and published in collaboration with the competent medical societies (see below);
  • Production of 2 TV spots and a TV promotional campaign;
  • Eight issues of the National Cancer Action Plan Newspaper “Grammi Zois” (Lifeline) that were edited, produced and distributed across 100 locations all over Greece;
  • Promotional events for each type of cancer with the aim of raising awareness and informing the public on the risks of:
  • cervical cancer – roadshow in 130 cities & villages across Greece;
  • colon cancer – events/exhibition in Athens, Patras and Heraklion, using an inflated colon model;
  • skin cancer – participation in the 2012 Aegean Regatta;
  • prostate cancer – participation in the Rally of the 45th Thessaloniki International Fair;
  • breast cancer – polo game among National Teams and Olympic Games champions.

  • Client: The Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention — Ministry of Health
  • Date: January, 2011
  • Services: Design and implementation of the National Informative Prevention Campaign for Cancer, communication, advertising services, graphic design and production of all materials, coordination, project management and realization of the campaign and the scientific meetings, roadshow
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