National Cancer Registry

The National Cancer Registry (NCR) is an entity under the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (KEELPNO), and its scope is to collect and process information on neoplasms, originating both from public and private centres. The 2-year project for the development of the NCR involved:

  • Organising two training cycles for registrants; Mindwork provided support and made all the arrangements for the accommodation, transfer, venue for the courses, and audiovisual equipment.
  • Organising publicity actions for promoting the National Cancer Registry: a. making its activities known to the general public, mainly to health professionals; b. increasing the understanding and supporting the adoption of the NCR’s aims and activities by all agents involved.

The Mindwork factor

  • Having in mind the ongoing training of registrants for the National Cancer Registry, we recorded trainer tutorials during the courses; the videos were uploaded on the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control & Prevention intranet (within which the Registry operates), so that those who could not attend the courses may have access to the tutorials.
  • In addition to the promotional event for raising awareness on NCR aims and activities, Mindwork organised a 2-phase Consensus Panel: during the 1st phase, medical and scientific societies, patient advocates and representatives of public health authorities presented proposals and commented on the operation of the NCR. Conclusions were submitted to voting during the 2nd phase of the Consensus.


  • Client: Hellenic Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (KEELPNO)
  • Date: September, 2014
  • Services: project management for the training, accommodation, transfer, venues for the courses, audio-visual equipment, events organisation, website design and updates, questionnaire